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Design and Art: Southampton Arts Center

April 5, 2021

Design and Art: Southampton Arts Center

The Southampton Arts Center is a notable East End nonprofit that aims to build community through art and prides itself on being diverse, inclusive and socially relevant.

The organization hosts events throughout the year and currently has two ongoing exhibits that are worth checking out.

Both are connected to a new endeavor called the Storefront Art Project which showcases the works of an artist in a storefront.

Photo credit Southampton Arts Center

First, through June 1, artist Miles Partington’s installation “Dublin Zoo” is on view at 45 Jobs Lane in Bridgehampton. In his new work, Partington uses cardboard, spray paint and objects to create replicas of animals such as giraffes, zebras and alligators.

The second Storefront Art Project is courtesy of artist and photographer Kerry Sharkey Miller: titled “Wild Things,” her work is on view through June 11 on 84B Main Street in the former J. Crew in Southampton.

Photo credit Southampton Arts Center

Miller’s creation is a collection of photographs that she has printed on various surfaces such as oxidized and hand-polished aluminum and rice paper. Her images such as bare tree branches focus on nature.

Look for more additions to the center’s innovative project throughout the spring and summer.

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