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Local Personalities and Businesses: Rosie’s Amagansett

February 19, 2021

Local Personalities and Businesses: Rosie’s Amagansett

For me, one of the best characteristics of the Hamptons is how the area is largely devoid of chains and full of locally owned businesses, each a gem in their own right.

The restaurant Rose’s Amangansett, located on Main Street just a few minutes walk from The Roundtree, is an example.

I discovered Rosie’s last summer when I was in town and now count myself as a regular. Opened in May 2019 by longtime Amagansett-goer, Christina Isaly, who is a mother of five, Rosie’s is the place to pick up your morning coffee and breakfast or lunch, which she calls BLUNCH.

It’s where you go for an afternoon sugar fix- the vegan banana bread and chilled lemonade are musts- or for a freshly pressed juice. During the season, it’s the place to have a simple and delicious farm-to-table dinner, with a cocktail or craft beer to round out the meal.

Christina spoke to me recently about her labor of love, an establishment that’s worth visiting and supporting, whether you’re staying in Amagansett or not.

Why did you choose to open in Amagansett as opposed to another town in the Hamptons?

Amagansett has always been my go-to East End hamlet. It is understated, but has all the benefits of being in the Hamptons: access to the beaches and nature, access to friends and access to great food.

Tell us the reason behind the name Rosie’s.

Rosie or Rosalee is/was my mother’s name. She passed away recently and I thought it would be a nice way to honor her; she taught me most of what I know about great hospitality.

In a nutshell, what's the concept of the space?

Modern, beachy, sophisticated without being stuffy or pretentious.

You have a loyal following for your coffee. What kind of coffee is it?

Our supplier is Integral Coffee. All Nicaraguan beans, fair trade, delicious, roasted in Bushwick. Cesar Vega, the owner, is a great partner!

My kids and I are huge fans of your lemonade. What's the secret to making it so good?

Hahahaha! Only the best natural ingredients, a little bit of heart and a lot of positive energy!

Starting in March, you'll resume serving food. How would you describe the cuisine?

We like to say elevated American fare. Your go-to classics and a few newbies, all made with the most farm fresh and best ingredients we can source. Yum.

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