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Wellness: Spring Into Fitness

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

March 1, 2021

Wellness: Spring Into Fitness

I get it: it’s not easy to motivate yourself to exercise outdoors when the weather is chilly. In the Hamptons, cooler temperatures can linger through April, but Linda Silich, a certified personal trainer and East Hampton local, says that there’s no excuse to skip a workout. There are, however, ways to make it more enjoyable.

Below, she shares her tips on getting in a session during the spring when the frigid winter is behind us but summer is not quite here yet.

You're a Hamptons local who lives here all year. People who visit during the summer love to be outdoors for walks, jogs and bike rides. It's harder to motivate when it's chillier out. How do you get moving on those cold days?

Make a new playlist! Music is a huge motivator. I also put out my workout clothes the night before and plan to meet a friend for just a chat and turn it into a walking race or outdoor hike. I also recommend having all your necessary outdoor items ready-gloves, hat, layers, headphones.

Are you inspired by the beauty of the Hamptons?

Yes, but growing up in the Midwest and living in Virginia for 11 years, I love the mountains, trees, nature…Also being in horticulture, I’m more inspired by my immediate surroundings of interesting trees, plants, flowers; and living here has helped me appreciate looking and listening to the ocean waves.

Can you share some of your favorite ways to exercise in the Hamptons without going to a gym?

Jogging around my pond at Groundworks and playing tennis. I also like walking or running from East Hampton town to Main Beach. My TRX suspension training is a strap that can go anywhere tied to a tree or column; Same goes for my resistance bands, medicine balls, and light weights. All can be done out of the gym and outside.

Any particularly scenic walks or bike rides that locals love but visitors don't usually know about?

The walking dunes in Montauk, the bike trails out by Third House in Montauk, walking trails off Rt. 114 and Stephen Hands Path in East Hampton -but always wear tick spray.

The beach is a beautiful and challenging setting for a workout. What are your top five exercises to do on the beach?

Pushups on the wharf, planks, abs on the sand with head toward the ocean so your legs are elevated and if the grade is level, light jogging and walking is a must, but not for weak ankles or bad knees so the sand has to be packed!

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