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  • Shivani Vora

Savor the Hamptons- The Roundtree Winter Culinary Series

We at The Roundtree are always looking for innovative ways to engage guests and our community. January presents an ideal opportunity. Why not boost your spirits with a transportive culinary experience?

Enter Savor the Hamptons- The Roundtree Winter Culinary Series-- our first-ever such event.

We've partnered with our neighbor Rosie's, a restaurant and cafe that's adjacent to the hotel. In January and February, we've invited an ecleticgroup of Michelin-starred and up and coming New York restaurants to host pop-up dinners on weekends at the space in addition to meet-and-greets with their chefs and other interactive experiences- the lineup includes chef Doron Wong’s trio of restaurants, two of which are Thai and Chinese, the Michelin-starred Indian spot Junoon, and the Greek eatery Loi, helmed by celebrity chef Maria Loi. The Roundtree will also be hosting an intimate Lunar New Year celebration where the owner's family traditions and recipes will be shared. The kick-off this weekend is a trip through the Italian coast with Alice and Osteria 57, two buzzy West Village restaurants where seafood and vegetarian dishes are the stars. Chef Ricardo Orfino's six-course menu includes Sicilian red shrimp with burrata and truffles, lemon butter pasta with caviar and branzino with tomatoes, mussels, razor clams and sea urchins.

Come, let us take you away.

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