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Local Businesses: Baranda

I first heard about Baranda through my friend and one of the owners, Fabio Gutierrez, who also happens to be one of the best chefs I’ve ever come across- and believe me, I’ve met my fair share.

Fabio, who hails from Spain, cut his teeth as a private chef for high-profile clients and built a following while he was running the kitchen at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton. Last summer, he opened Argento, which is directly across the street. This new Italian spot gave him a chance to step into the limelight as the star of his own show, and it’s no surprise that the restaurant was an instant success.

Baranda is Fabio’s second turn as an entrepreneur and a chance for him to show off his skills cooking everyday foods as opposed to higher-end presentations.

It’s a place dedicated to being your neighborhood go-to when you want tasty, delicious food that doesn't skimp on quality (or portions!). Stop in first thing in the morning for a buttery, just out of the oven croissant or the herbed egg white omelet. Come lunch, Barnada serves salads and sandwiches on bread baked in-house and wood-fired pizza that's far from ordinary. Try the squash blossom with fior di latte from a small farm in Italy or the prosciutto with baby arugula.

Hungry for dinner on your drive home from the Hamptons? Come by to pick up a rotisserie chicken to go. The idea behind Baranda is that you can come every day, twice a day and never get bored.

Fabio’s new endeavor is located on the highway in Southampton so for The Roundtree guests, I recommend stopping in on your way to the hotel or on your way back. Whether you stay for a bite or take the food to go, you can be assured that it will be delicious.

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