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The Roundtree Stories- CEO of Frette, Filippo Arnaboldi

The design, service and location aside, experiencing different brands during a hotel stay definitely makes that visit more memorable. This could mean divine smelling toiletries from a homegrown local business or coffee from a renowned national purveyor.

The Roundtree is proud offer our guests a collection of brands from both small and large enterprises, and we thought that it would be fun to introduce our readers to some of the names on our list.

Our linens, for example, are courtesy of Frette, an iconic Italian luxury lifestyle brand that’s been around for 160 years. We recently caught up with the company’s CEO Filippo Arnaboldi, who told us more about Frette and its backstory.

Who founded Frette?

The brand was founded on December 18, 1860 by Jean Baptiste Edmond Frette with two partners, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud. Early on, Edmond Frette would sell linens door-to-door to clients, including hotels. He was quite the entrepreneur!

How big is the company?

Today, Frette is a truly global company, and we often say that our clients can experience the brand in nearly every aspect of their life – whether they’re staying in a beautiful hotel, flying halfway across the world, cruising the ocean or being within the comforts of their own home.

Clients can discover Frette on six continents in over 45 countries. We’re at more than 1,500 luxury hospitality partners worldwide.

What are the best-selling products?

While we consider Doppio Ajour and Bicolore two of our tried-and-true classics, both crafted from soft and lustrous cotton sateen, we have recently seen clients gravitating towards our newer styles. For example, Chains and Links Embroidery feature a striking links design motif that feels simultaneously timeless and contemporary.

Why is Frette considered a luxury brand? What makes it so upscale?

Our heritage is rooted in an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, with products crafted to last.

To achieve the soft, lustrous look and feel Frette is known for, we use the best fibers, including long and extra-long staple cotton, cashmere, wool, silk and eiderdown, and collaborate with the most skilled Italian artisans, who follow a precise signature method to craft our products.

What products do hotels most buy from Frette?

We have a collection of linens designed especially for our hospitality clients featuring luxurious bed and bath linens as well as bathrobes, beach and pool towels, table linens, fillers and more.

How can hotel guests bring the Frette experience home?

For a hotel-inspired look, I would suggest Frette’s Hotel Classic bedding collection woven from cool and crisp cotton percale. If guests wish to recreate the indulgent experience with the very linens of the world’s best hotels, including The Roundtree, we recently introduced a new brand, H by Frette, that make these linens available directly to the consumer for the first time through

Frette x The Roundtree

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